Winter Skincare and What You Need To Know

Essential Winter Skincare

It seems that the winter season is upon us once again, therefore, as always, we have to take better care of ourselves and especially our skin. Due to the cold of winter, our skin can dry too much and become uneven and rough, that is why it is necessary to make sure we protect it and hydrate it as much as possible.

For you to be able to take the best care of your skin this winter check out the winter skincare must-haves we recommend!

ALWAYS use a moisturizing face cream- even if you have oily skin

The most exposed area of your skin is no doubt your face, which makes it the most vulnerable and most sensitive to the outside environment, requiring the most attention and the best care.

For sensitive skin care in winter it is vital you find a face cream that offers your skin an optimal hydration level, but make sure it fits your skin type as well, be that normal, oily, dry, or combination skin type. In case you think that oily or combination skin type cannot be affected during winter and that getting a bit dry might be ok, you are wrong.

When cold air starts drying out your skin, dead cells start to pile up clogging your pores even more. We recommend you use only the best products when wanting to moisturize your face in the winter, and to make it easier for you we recommend this simple but effective hydrating face cream fit for all skin types.

Don’t leave your lip balm at home

Maybe you are only careful about your lips during summer, but the cold season also requires you to take extra care of them. If you don’t do it properly you might end up with dry or even chapped lips and then it’s going to take some time until they’ll recover.

Therefore, it is best to not forget to take your lip balm with you every time you leave the house! But in case you do forget your daily lip balm at home, we got your back with this fantastic moisturizer for cracked lips.


Hand cream has to be a must in your purse

Although you are most probably using gloves in order to protect your hands from the cold during winter, you are not able to wear them all the time while outside. The skin on your hands is more thin and sensitive than the rest of the body’s skin that is why it can dry out faster, both when you are outside in freezing temperatures as well as when you suddenly walk into a warm temperature room.

So, before going outside for an adventure or to play in the snow, make sure you have with you the right hand cream that can protect your skin from the cold.


It is essential you have with you these winter skincare products at all times during this cold season guaranteeing that your skin will be hydrated enough to handle winter. Take advantage of our latest products and promotions and take the best care of your skin. Now all that’s left is for you to enjoy this winter season, snow, and holiday celebrations!