Who are Gudetama and Hello Kitty?

Today we’re introducing you to two of our favourite Sanrio characters; Gudetama and Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty may not need much introduction, as she has been a staple motif on kawaii clothes, accessories, and more for over 40 years! However, you may not know that her real name is Kitty White and she was born on November 1st in London, England. She is 5 apples tall, and the weight of 3 apples. She also has a twin sister named Mimmy. Her closest childhood friend and boyfriend is Dear Daniel. Kitty loves to bake and collect cute items!

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Gudetama is a newer face on the Sanrio block, and has already garnered a pretty huge fanbase! He made his debut in 2013, and has even starred in his own TV show spanning hundreds of episodes. This little egg yolk is both lazy and adorable, with his name being derived from the Japanese words for lazy (gude gude) and egg (tamago). He has a human friend named Nisetama who wishes to be Gudetama and dresses in an egg yolk costume. Gudetama is often seen lazing about on a pillowy egg white, or on other squishy foods, and tucking himself into bed. We feel like we can really relate to him, especially on lazy days off!

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