Okioki Hyaluronic Acid Sleep Pillows

Hyaluronic Acid Infused pillows, for true beauty sleep

Hey! Sleeping Beauty….

Imagine waking after a good night’s sleep in your own bed, having experienced a rejuvenating facial treatment whilst you were dreaming.

Okioki have created the most incredible and super comfy soft standard size pillows that do just that. Each pillow is the equivalent to 1,500 face masks. That’s over 4 years of nightly facial treatments.

Washable and long-lasting fabrics that hold the beauty secret for effortless anti-ageing



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EAN: 9421905306010


Okioki is a winning international collaboration, with teams from France, Japan and New Zealand creating this incredible range.

How does it work?

The technology is in the form of a long release process -Proneem® is an advanced microencapsulation development, that allows a gradual, constant release of the natural active ingredients.

The fabrics have been treated and infused with YOUTH™ hyaluronic acid, using the Proneem® technology, which hydrates the skin, rejuvenates and plumps for a youthful appearance. The skin is left soft and velvety to the touch.

The pillows are washable, but we recommend a pillow slip placed over the top. And yes, the hyaluronic acid (often referred to as HA) still filters through the fabric owing to the nanoparticles of the plant-based vegan hyaluronic acid, which filters through to benefit your skin. This unique and groundbreaking skincare revelation. HA; the fountain of youth in fabric form, with sustained release technology.
Its plumping properties work on the surface of the skin to give it a more radiant complexion.

The pillow is designed to treat the decolletage area as well as the face and hair too.

Combine it with the Okioki eye mask too, for an extra treatment.

The difference between the premium and standard pillows. Made of 2 different quality fabrics. The 35% organic cotton premium pillow has beautiful decorative lace details. The standard pillow has a very simple decorative edge and is made from manmade fabric. Both pillows are filled with a hollow fibre soft filling. In our opinion, the premium pillow is a superior quality fabric.


Plant-based hyaluronic acid impregnated into Cotton mix and manmade fabric.

Skin type

Suitable for all

Why we love it

Beauty Sleep!

The equivalent to 1500 face masks.

Super soft and comfortable

Standard pillow size

Washable and long-lasting fabrics that hold the beauty secret for effortless anti-ageing