Konjac Angel Cloth With Bamboo Charcoal

Wake Up Your Complexion! Cleanse, Exfoliate, Revitalise, Refresh. With the Original Konjac Sponge Co brand. The innovative 100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth is shaped like an angel but unfolds into a soft square cloth when hydrated. Made entirely of natural Konjac plant fibre and spring water, it is wafer-thin and can even be used to remove face masks.


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The multi-award winning Konjac Angel Cloth is now available with added oil-reducing bamboo charcoal. Once wet, this fallen angel unfolds into a soft exfoliating cloth that will rival your old flannel or muslin.

The angel is kinder to skin than the traditional flannel, which can be too harsh and over-exfoliate. The Konjac cloth gently exfoliates and leaves the newly formed skin conditioned and fresh – so no tightness or dry patches. The wafer-like Konjac fibre should be hydrated under warm water and then gently squeezed out.

Simply add a small amount of your favourite cleanser to remove your makeup. If you are wearing water-based makeup, no additional cleanser will be needed. After use, the cloth should be rinsed out before being hung on a towel rail to dry.

Made in South Korea on the island of Jeju


Bamboo Charcoal

Skin type

For oily and spot-prone skin

Why we love it

Ideal for oily, teenage & blemish-prone skin
Enriched with naturally oil-reducing charcoal powder
Based on our CEW award-winning 100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth
Kinder alternative to a muslin or flannel
Reusable & easy to use
Suitable for sensitive skin
Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
100% colouring & additive-free
The world’s no.1 Konjac Sponge brand