K-Sponge The Ultimate Korean Beauty Tool Green Tea

The Ultimate Korean Skin Cleansing and Exfoliating tool. This Korean Beauty essential is a new addition to The Konjac Sponge Co’s original Konjac collection. 100% pure Konjac has been mixed with green tea in a cute heart shape to create the ultimate skincare tool. The Anti Pollution Solution.


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The K-Sponge is a Korean Beauty tool with adorable packaging.

Protect, refresh, and take a dip into the fountain of youth with this green tea infused heart sponge.

This is the sweetest of green tea sponges – a Konjac heart for the perfect cleanse. It is the ideal sponge for a beauty novice learning to master skincare.

The addition of antioxidant-rich and anti-aging green tea helps calm and soften the skin for a fresh, revitalised complexion.

Here is the secret to youthful Korean skincare. The K-Sponge has been enhanced with must-have Korean Beauty ingredient, Green Tea. Its health benefits are endless, but it can also work wonders on the skin; battling wild weather irritation and keeping skin naturally hydrated. Don’t worry about its tough exterior on arrival, once soaked in water it becomes soft like jelly with a secret power for giving a deep exfoliation.


Green Tea

Skin type

To purify skin

Why we love it

K-Sponge says Relax – de-stress your over-sensitive skin
Pamper and protect weather-beaten skin with antioxidant-filled Green Tea
Balance that pH!
Treat yourself to an intense cleanse everyday
Use the heart’s smooth, curvy corners to get right into the awkward eye area – no tears here
Purify those pores
Mix it up – use your K-Sponge with or without cleanser for the same revitalised result
Just be real with your skin. It’s 100% natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and contains ZERO colouring or additives. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the making of our products