Melo iLo Dental Floss

A compact and reusable minty dental floss.


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EAN: 0797776849536


The ilo Floss noodles is a reusable minty noodle that can be stretched and thinned to slide easily between teeth and clean gums whilst on the go.

The pack comes with 3 noodles, each of which can be used up to 60 times to keep you feeling fresh and confident!

To use, simply stretch out a noodle 2 or 3 times before use and then proceed as if it were any other dental floss.

Designed to balance the pH of the mouth in a compact and mobile design, the ilo dental floss makes dental care easy every day, any time and any place.


100% Recyclable Polymer

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Why we love it

Comes with three noodles per box
Ready to use and menthol fresh
Releases fluoride in use
Stretch a few times before use then stretch and thin to size
Helps to freshen breath and clean gums
Discreet, pocket-sized box
100% recyclable
Can be used 60 times