Melo iKo Kids Finger Toothbrush

A compact reusable Finger Toothbrush for kids that lasts for up to 100 uses.


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EAN: 797776849536


This 100% recyclable soft-to-touch finger tooth brush releases fluoride with each use to help prevent plaque and decay, leaving you feeling fresh with no need for water or toothpaste.

Iko Kids finger toothbrush is playfully designed to teach kids about dental hygiene in a fun and easy way. This toothbrush has a fruity Strawberry flavour.

Designed to balance the pH of the mouth in a compact and mobile design, The Iko Kids Finger Toothbrush makes dental care easy every day, any time and any place.


100% Recyclable Polymer

Why we love it

Soft to the touch finger toothbrush
Patented polymer gently releases fluoride
Helps to prevent plaque and tooth decay
No need for water or toothpaste
100% recyclable
Can be used up to 100 times