Quality Medical Grade Protection Mask 5 Pack

Disposable face protection masks; approved by and supplied to the South Korean Government.

Pack of 5 masks in a resealable pouch.

Medical Grade Face Protection Masks. Imported from South Korea through our trusted suppliers who have done all safety and efficiency tests and research. These masks are of the highest quality and are here in the UK for immediate dispatch, though stocks are limited.

Please note, once opened these are non-returnable.

We ask you to respect the quantities you buy. We have limited stocks and want there to be enough for everyone!

No discount codes or offers can be redeemed against this product. Sorry!

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*93.8% Agglomeration Efficiency

*Functional Nose Bridge – Prevents fogging and blocks hazardous substances

*Soft Ear Hooks – Comfortable for long-term use due to soft materials used.

*3 Layer Structure

Excellent size for effective coverage and protection.

These disposable masks are top quality fine grade non-woven fabric.

Conforms to CE and FDA standards.

These masks are an official supplier to the South Korean Government.

The packaging is in Korean, but an instruction sticker will be printed off and supplied with the product, in English.

How to wear

  1. Fully open the mask and push down on the nose dip so that it fits the shape of your nose.
  2. Hold both sides of the mask and adjust the mask’s position.
  3. Cover the whole mask with both hands, check if any air does not leak, and adjust the mask, so that it fits your face.

Please note, we truly wish these were cheaper, but there is a shortage and we have had great costs getting them here for your protection. Costs here are out of our control. We are truly sorry!