#NoFilters. Why?…


Because we tell you everything. Arming you with filter free facts.


Because you won’t need them in your selfies.


Because that’s the way our founder rolls!

Who are we?

Niche & Cult (The Konjac Sponge Company Ltd) is a brand for everyone. Informative, genuine and considerate; for you and the planet too. We bring you ethical products, with true transparency, that are unique and different. So our mission is to bring you honest products from forward thinking people and places. Tell us your secrets, we will tell you no lies!

We are loud, proud, strong, intelligent, robust & functional.

We are honest, truthful to the core, we listen, we appreciate you, we advise but never preach. We’ve got your back, so you can feel confident in yourself and us.

We have got you covered, and we are always there to support you, because you are unique. We understand you.

What we are NOT; is another wishy washy flaky green beauty company. We don’t offer non functional products. WE are NOT a gimmick, we are as real as you are.

What we do

Having been established since 2011, we consider ourselves true pioneers and experts in the Korean Beauty field.

In simple terms. We love what we do. We test products, scrutinise ingredients, trawl through the small print, so you don’t have to. Only when we are satisfied will we give the product an honorary spot on our website and in our distribution chain.

We don’t aim to follow trends or others. We aim to find the most exciting, effective and ethical products that we know you will love too. We are only controversial if you want us to be. Not because we are sheep that follow, but because we are the same as you.

We will keep adding to our products, but we will not add just anything to fill our site and make sales. We will add what we believe in. What we know is fabulous, and what will make you feel fabulous too. A plethora of products is not what we are about…. Less is more.

Niche & Cult are not just retailers. Our products are distributed worldwide by us too. We supply high end stores around the globe. So hopefully you can find our products on your travels and high street trips too!

Our Founder

Michele Riley, has a background in Korean Beauty, after launching the Konjac Sponge Company in 2011. After 9 years of success in the industry, she has grown her passion for beauty, and taken it to an entirely new level, finally rebranding as Niche & Cult. Prior to the beauty industry, she had founded a natural baby products company in 1998. So her ethics in natural personal care are set deep within her roots.


Not frightened to speak her mind, and often described by her family and friends as having “No Filters” and having an innate ability to “put her foot in it”, (saying the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune time) the idea and registration for Niche & Cult has been in the background since 2011. Finally, the new exciting products found on her worldwide travels and utilising her “No Filters” approach. Niche & Cult and its #NoFilters philosophy has finally reached fruition.

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