Meet Our Resident Vlogger – Emily Liu

Our Very Own Emily Liu – In-House Vlogger – Q&A

You may or may not have seen our fun filled Niche & Cult Youtube channel, but we are proud to have our own resident and stunningly beautiful Vlogger, bringing fun, fact and a little bit of “Baz” style mayhem.

Emily Liu has a background already in Vlogging, with her own fabulous and popular Youtube Channel, with over 59,000 followers! This girl truly has it going on, and we are so proud to have her. Baz, is her incredibly tall, and adventurous boyfriend, who is always game for a laugh. We think the two of them are so brilliant together. They always make us smile. Emily educates and Baz….just well…. Baz is just fabulous at being Baz, and we wouldn’t have him any other way. These two, as a couple, have the full package we can all only aspire to find.

So we sat down with our very talented Emily Liu – “the Youtube face of Niche & Cult”- to do a Q&A!

  1. What made you start Vlogging and how quickly did your success come?

When I was younger I LOVED watching YouTube videos and I had such an interest in beauty and fashion! I would watch YouTube videos for hours and hours. It came to the point where I found myself talking to myself as if I was recording a video but I didn’t want to upload videos until I had my braces off… I hated them! After I had them taken off, I started! My success started from a very early video, it was one of my first few videos. It was me dying my hair brown using blonde hair dye. I have black hair and it’s very difficult to lift colour off of black hair at home and using a blonde hair dye was so different, not many people had tried it. That video gained me millions of views and subscribers and five years later, it is still my most viewed video!


  1. The chemistry between you and Baz is amazing. How did you meet?

We met at university. We actually met at a night club, but ever since we have literally been inseparable. It’s kind of funny situation actually because we have so many mutual friends and so we were invited to so many of the same events. But the ones Baz went to, I didn’t go, vice versa and a lot of the times we would be in the same place but we had never cross paths. I guess we were meant to meet at that time.


  1. What would be your dream job?

Baz: To create products and services that better the life of people whilst having in mind care for the environment! I don’t know what exactly that is yet, but that’s what I need to figure out!

Emily: I love to create videos! whether it be in front or behind that camera, I love it! It’s always been a passion of mine. I would love to so YouTube full time if I could!


  1. Your own YouTube channel is amazing. How do you get the inspiration for what to Vlog about?

Thank you! I usually think about what time of the year it is and whether there is anything happening in that month. For example, during December time there’s Christmas, so I try and do some Christmas themed videos. Other times it’s quite fun to see what’s trending and have your own adaptation on it! Like challenges!


  1. Do you have any tips for would be Vloggers?

Just do it! A lot of people would tell me that they want to start a YouTube channel but they’re too scared of what people would think and they don’t know how to start. You can literally use your phone to record. Just be yourself and have fun doing it! There’s more to gain than to lose.


  1. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened in your Vlogging history?

Recently, Baz and I went to Amsterdam and there was this horse statue where you can sit on and take photos. Baz wanted to film some shots of me on the horse. However, it was quite big and when it came to me climbing up on it… I got stuck halfway on it! I was there for a while (it even started to rain) trying to either come down or actually get on top! It was so funny, I wish I recorded it. I eventually got on it and Baz started recording.

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