K-Beauty – What’s the fuss?

So Why K Beauty?


It’s no secret that K-Beauty (Korean beauty) has taken the beauty world by storm. Known for their high standards of beauty, it’s safe to say Korea’s skincare and beauty products are truly unmatched. We know K-Beauty is all the rage right now, but what’s so special about it? We’re here to reveal why everyone should be including Korean beauty products in their routines. As K Beauty specialists since 2011, we feel we know our stuff when it comes to Korean skincare.

The Formulas

The formulas in K-Beauty products are like no other! K-Beauty is known for its originality and innovation. From sheet masks to snail cream, they really have everything!

You won’t find the textures in Korean beauty products anywhere else. Once you

try them, you won’t go back! K-Beauty products are formulated to be gentle and lightweight whilst remaining incredibly effective and rich in nutrients. One of our favourite K-Beauty products is the Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack. The jelly serum formula makes it all the more absorbent and keeps the mask from slipping, while the sheet mask style makes it all the more convenient. Bringing intense nourishment straight to your skin with ease.



We all love bringing a bit of fun into our beauty routines, and Korea is no stranger to a fun product! K-Beauty is where novelty meets quality. Take exciting packaging, original methods and a pleasing aesthetic and combine them with formulas and ingredients that really WORK, and that’s K-Beauty.

A product that we LOVE is the Chireureu Royal Jelly & Cacao Paint Soap. Fast, fun and effective – this paint soap is an original way to cleanse, moisturise and mask all at once! Not only does it bring a unique way to treat your skin, but it also uses 100% natural ingredients carefully selected to give your skin the best care.


Skin First, Makeup Second

One of the biggest things that sets K-Beauty apart from other products, is how it puts skincare before makeup. Western countries tend to focus on using makeup to mask skin imperfections, whereas Korea is known for its focus on perfecting the skin. The famous Korean glass-skin isn’t achieved by simply using makeup to cover skin problems. It’s all about using the right skincare products to achieve a flawless base and then using makeup to enhance the features.

That’s not to say K-Beauty doesn’t focus on makeup too, though! Korea has one of the biggest cosmetics markets in the world and it’s safe to say that they create some of the best makeup products out there! Take a look at Yadah’s range to get started.


K-Beauty is absolutely changing the skincare game. With amazing ingredients, unique formulas, original methods and stunning packaging – add some K-beauty to your pamper routine and reap the rewards.


Our K-Beauty Brands:

The Konjac Sponge Co





Salon De Neveah