Back to school with Yadah; Skincare Homework

Finish your skincare homework with Yadah!

Days are already getting shorter, supermarkets stocking Christmas chocolates and last week, I had to turn on the heating because it was so cold. For a lot of you, it also means going back to uni. The perfect time to give you some skincare homework with Yadah!

During the summer, your skin has been exposed to lots of sun, dry air and greasy sunscreen clogging up your pores. Many people (including myself) change their skincare routine seasonally. My skin will have different problems in the winter than it has in the summer.

Yadah Anti Trouble Skincare Mask Cleanser Korean Beauty Toner Emulsion Moisturiser
The Yadah Anti Trouble Skincare range is perfect for sensitive skin.

We have a perfect skincare range for the fall. It’s affordable and suitable for sensitive skin. Yadah Anti-Trouble is the latest trending skincare range from Korea, also known as skincare heaven… The range uses clean, natural ingredients and doesn’t add any ingredients that aren’t necessary. It’s even clinically approved by the Yonsei University in Seoul. For your skincare homework, I’m going to create a perfect 3-step skincare routine to give you clean-looking skin.

Step 01 – Cleansing

Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser Konjac Sponge Korean Skincare
Gentle yet effective!

The YADAH Anti-Trouble bubble cleanser is a gentle foam cleanser that has effective natural ingredients. Give skin a deep cleanse, to get rid of all the pollutants and dirt to buildup during the day. Make this foaming cleanser work even harder by using a konjac sponge for a light exfoliating effect. Use luke-warm water to rinse off all the foam and prep skin for step 2! Shop Here

Step 02 – Tone!

Yadah Anti Trouble Toner Korean Skincare Cleanser Kbeauty
A good toner can do wonders for your skin!

A step that many people forget, but is oh so important! Why should you use a toner after cleansing? It soothes the skin and gets it ready for a moisturiser. The Yadah Anti-Trouble Toner has Rubus Coreanus Root extract (Korean Blackberry) which has natural anti-bacterial properties. Perfect to prevent skin irritation and blemishes! Use one or two cotton pads, soak them with toner and gently apply to your skin. Done? Great! Now on to our last and final step! Shop Here

Step 03 – Moisturise!

Yadah Anti Trouble Moisturiser Moisturizer Sensitve Skin Skincare Korean Beauty
Perfect blend of natural ingredients to give thirsty skin much needed hydration!

So here we are. We’ve cleansed, toned and now our skin is ready to get some much-needed hydration! The summer sun can be extremely drying. While not immediately visible, dehydrated skin will eventually show more signs of ageing and tiredness. That’s why we moisturise! The Yadah Anti-Trouble Cream Moisturiser is a gentle formulation of palm cactus extracts and shea butter. Because we used our toner, the skin will absorb moisturiser a lot better. Healthy hydrated skin will not only look better, but it is also less prone to skin irritation and other impurities. Shop here

That wasn’t too hard now was it? Follow these three steps for a perfect score on your skin school report! For extra points, you can add a sheet mask between steps 1 and 2. A mini spa-treatment you can do at home!

Yadah Anti Trouble Sheet Mask Moisturise Cleanse Korean Sheetmask Kbeauty
Get your MA in Skincare by adding a Sheet Mask in the mix!

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