About our packaging

So, here is the thing! We’re an ethical and eco product company, and always have been. We have always, in the past, made sure our own packaging can be recycled. We usually use recycled products and FSC cardboard.

However, since Spring 2018, there has been a new backlash “The Blue Planet Effect” from the consumer (yes, you!)  We agree with this, as we too are consumers in our everyday lives. And now, like every other manufacturer out there, we are trying to do our bit, and prevent any waste and get rid of plastics wherever we can.

Now the thing is this, we cannot do it as quickly as everyone would like, without throwing good unused plastics directly in the bin and starting again. Sure it would make us look better to you, but in truth, without you knowing about it, we would actually just have to dump any already made packaging, so you guys don’t get to see it! Surely, that’s even worse than us using it? It would be immoral, against all our principles and it would be wrong. We already told you, we are honest, and upfront, so we are not going to cover up any dirty secrets here!

So to overcome the situation, we are going to continue to use this packaging until it’s gone, but in the meantime, we have alternatives for you.

On our website, we offer packaging free on many of our products. Or, we offer eco-friendly FSC certified cardboard boxes, with a window made from cellulose acetate (so it’s completely biodegradable!) on our Konjac Sponge Co Elements, Mythical, Rainforest, Woodland, Christmas and new Premium range (though the ones found in stores may currently be different).

Rest assured, our previous premium Konjac Sponges were packaged in PET plastic and card (so just like a coke bottle and with cardboard too) so completely recyclable.  The PET plastic was already 25% recycled in the first place too. We accept its still not right for the new mindset of the consumer, but its what we have right now.

We do care about the environment, we really do. And our mission is truly to fix the packaging issue, so we focusing on methods of improvement every single day! (This in itself is another headache; how to package something to keep it hygienic, protected and fit for use, at the same time as making it appeal to you guys and be visible when its in the stores)

We are on the case, and we promise to fix this! In the meantime, you can still play your part: either buy our packaging free option, or fully recycle the packaging.